The Radical Move

by The Radical Move

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The debut album of Jake James-Vogel's studio band, The Radical Move is a look into the ideology and heart of its creator during a period of tragedy.


released August 3, 2010

Produced/recorded/performed by Jake James-Vogel.
Mastered by Roman Vail at Joe Lambert Studios in Brooklyn, NY.
Drums on tracks 2, 5, and 8 by performed and recorded by Roee Star.
Drums on tracks 4, 7, and 10 performed by Luc Decker and recorded by Ryan Steele.
Guitar, Synths and vocals on track 7 by Alex Root.
Bass on tracks 2 and 10 by Rob Schecter.
Cover Art by Bryan Brinkman




Jake James-Vogel New York, New York

Jake James-Vogel is a student at Hofstra University on Long Island and resides on the East River in Long Island City, Queens. Jake's previous projects include punk-pop band Kung-Fuse, garage rock band The Stick, studio bands Sexual Freedom Riders and The Radical Move. In recent years Jake has transformed into a musical hermit, preferring to produce music alone in his small home studio. ... more

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Track Name: The Radical Move - Intro
The Jesus that I know wouldn't march in line with his killing machine on his shoulder- set out to murder so some fat cat back home can get fatter. The Jesus I know would stand against the powers of tyranny and demand justice for all. A new world order where effort equals opportunity and opportunity is abound. Where will we get our soldiers when our citizenry have doctorates? When will we shed the shackles of our antiquated democracy and demand a revision?
Track Name: The Radical Move - Legs
Jamie was the finest girl in her school. When she walked by all the wolves would drool. She's circling round and round their heads- every single one of them wants to try her out in bed, She's got legs.
After she graduated she didn't know what to do. She got a part time job, didn't want to go back to school. She was getting tired of living with the rent, she joined the army wanted a life of adventure. Everything was great until she got to the front line- that's when her caravan hit the land mine- she lost her legs.
Track Name: The Radical Move - Unfinished
Looking above- we all want to find love.
Looking within- we don't know where to begin.
I'm gonna find some precious time for you and I real soon.
Just you and I side by side you won't wait in line in my bedroom. When it's party time it's party time. You won't wait in line when you party with me girl, do you like to ski?
Track Name: The Radical Move - Filth
The hair on my head's turning grey. My belly's hitting the floor. My arms are tied to my legs; I'm being prodded by a whore. Oh, baby babe, heading to an early grave with a cloud of filth on my soul. When the markets finally crashed I had lots to stash and dressing down isn't that easy. What could I do I'm just one man, everyone knows that trickle-down is a scam. In 2012 I lost everything, but I still had my dreams. When I couldn't get my meds they became nightmares.
Track Name: The Radical Move - The Collector
Sick and tired of being sick and tired, always feeling like I'm under fire. The Collector's callin but no body's home. We're all heading to the danger zone- rise up rise up we ain't ever giving up we should be the ones on top looking down- if we use our numbers we'll make up all the ground. Turn the desert into a jungle. Tell me are you ready to rumble? Teach a man to fish and he could feed us all. Look inside and tell me if you hear the call. VOTE you've got to vote. You can't sing without the first note.
Track Name: The Radical Move - Spider Net
Angel's in her diaper, makin some medicine, I'm on the bread line, I don't recycle too much. With the business, you know there'll be just one of you could start the age of the human is for kindness human is not to horde.
We're all connected a giant spider net- its hard to see with cob-webs in your head- imagine if on our tv sets we could witness what it's like to starve to death in our own country, a block from the grocery store. A revolution! Love conquers war. Lets restore fairness without violence. With technology.
Track Name: The Radical Move - Greenwich Home
Think I'm gonna get off the grid. Feel the freedom of being a kid. I don't want to pay a bill to a bank that's makin a kill. Motherfucker, I'm hopping on the train. I've got some great camping gear and a gun I'll use to kill dear, I hope I can feed myself on my own, won't you please throw this dog a bone? Motherfucker, I'm coming to your Greenwich Home. Setting fire to your koi pond, hoping you'll wave your magic wand and send your henchmen to take care of me- I promise that I'll cause a scene. Motherfucker, this country belongs to me.
Track Name: The Radical Move - BS Suicide
Bloody Sunday Suicide, run until you have to hide, Bloody sunday it's that time, the candles didn't work.
Hit the streets gotta hit the streets- its so obscene how they killed the dream but it's alive in you and me- we're gonna fight to live the dream. Bloody Sunday Suicide, run until you have to hide, Bloody sunday it's that time, the candles didn't work. It's time to claim our right- wipe the sleep out of your eyes and say goodbye to nighty night, I see the sun on the horizon.
Track Name: The Radical Move - Non-Violence
There's riots in the streets, its not the right way. People are dying, it's not the right way. Listen to me. Listen to what I say. Non-Violence is the only way. I love a girl and I love the world and if I resort to violence then I'm no better than them. Non-Violence is the only way, listen to what I say and agree, what I say.
Track Name: The Radical Move - 2013
They say it's the age of aquarius, I say that's a pack of lies.
You need to join the army boy so a foreign land can die. You can only love your brother so much. All that matters are the ones you touch. Big business, special interests, media conglomerates; we need a super duper pooper scooper to clean up our politics. No one sold me on the suicide I don't think we want to die. I think it's time for you and me I'll see you in 2013.
Track Name: The Radical Move - Forgive
The Jesus that I know would walk on the Union Line.
The Jesus that I know wouldn't leave so many behind.
The Jesus that I know would chastise the ultra rich until they beg for forgiveness. If Jesus were alive he'd live in Amsterdam or maybe Tibet. If Jesus lives he wouldn't waste his time on hateful red-necks. If Jesus were here and he saw how inhumane he'd replace our leaders and make us start all over again. Democracy 2.0 is the word. A revolution of human worth. We won't all suffer for one man's greed. We refuse to make our brothers bleed. We'll love each other until the end of time, and take over our government with our numbers online.